Are you getting the most from your insurance?

Is your auto insurance plan doing everything for you that you need? Does it provide adequate coverage? Do you have a good rapport with your agent? Is the price right? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself. Be sure that you’re getting a good deal for what you pay.

How to tackle Credit Card Debt the Smart Way

Getting into credit card debt is easy. Life circumstances happen, a few unforeseen issues come along and you end up with a huge amount of credit card debt, often spread over several cards. This comes at a huge cost.

Son Completely Stuns His Parents

Joe Riquelme released a Youtube which shows the moment that his parents learn that he has paid off their mortgage.

10 struggles only California homeowners will understand.

Unfortunately this one isn’t just some California stereotype, the earthquake danger is real and houses are build a certain way to withstand any tremors. But most Californians are relaxed and cool about it.

Country Music Star’s Incredible Housing Gift to Military Veterans.

We love Tim McGraw. But the country singer is now known for MUCH more than just his great songs. He’s known for his incredible generosity.

Don’t mess with Texas: Homeowner’s brilliant response to thief stealing package

So apparently it’s a “thing” now for thieves to just snatch delivered packages off of homeowners’ front doorsteps. But good luck trying this in Texas!